How to order McDonalds like boss (Rap order)

I want a quarter pounder , minus pickle and a big Mac you better get that right ,

no coke just give me sprite and

don’t forget the big mac sauce on the side

With the extra fries

Im so hungry its like I haven’t eaten in day

Oh yeah don’t forget the mayonnaise

I like it on the side

Got Hamze on the side

Got Monsta in the back

We going for a ride.

Don’t get my order wrong

I don’t wana come back in this drive through

Can get a fillet fish with that

a mc chicken on the side 2

you wana apple pie hold on just make it 2

Ok lets go out of this fucken drive through right now !


아따 어렵게 시키네 ㅋㅋㅋ

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